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When is the right time to hire an ORGANIZER?

May 26, 2009

When is the right time to hire a Professional Organizer? Everyone’s pain thresholds are different. It’s time when the pain way exceeds the pleasures in life. There are some predictable times when life sends you changes and transitions. For example: Consider hiring a Professional Organizer when the following life changes happen:

Birth – maybe some room re-organizing.
Moving – packing and decluttering.
Death – when you’re the one in the family that must deal with the logistics.
Divorce – Setting up new residence.
Illness – Too tired to organize or unable.
Emergency ( flood or fire) We can help with packing and decluttering.


SimpliFLY your Luggage

May 21, 2009

SimpliFLY your holiday packing. Traveling can be simpler and go smoother if you create an effective system and follow it consistently.

1. When packing your suitcase -roll your clothes. It helps stop wrinkling. Also, roll up your socks and underwear and store in your shoes. It saves room and keeps your shoes in form.

2. Pack your jewelry in bubble wrap. Lie the bubble wrap flat place jewelry on top and roll it up! This will keep them untangled and in one piece.

3. Pre-pack your toiletry bag well in advance – for a quick exit. Always keep it refilled and try not to take things out during non-travel days.

4. Use Ziplock bags to store belts, medications, bathing suits, hair ties or any small items.

5. Pack a set of clothes in your carry on. Your luggage might not meet you at your destination.

6. Make copies of important papers. Keep one copy for yourself electronically and give a copy to a friend.