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Confessions of an Organizer – Another set of eyes

December 8, 2009

Sometimes clients will hire a Professional Organizer because they need to view their space through another set of eyes. I’ve been in many homes in differnent stages of disarray. Most of the time clients feel that they don’t know where to start, and they think that their current organizational system is the only system to fit their space. Most clients are really surprised that some new suggestions and original organizational designs become the solutions they were looking for. They find that the little investment in hiring a Professional Organizer was completely worth it.


Why do I have “consulting” in my company name?

October 6, 2009

A consultant is an expert in a particular area. Consultants assess the current situation
and then advise on the appropriate path to take. For the most part, Professional
Organizers are consultants.

Organizers assess situations, recommend the appropriate
solutions and then implement solutions, sometimes with their client’s help and sometimes without.

What is a Professional Organizer?

August 12, 2009



Yes, organizers have an Association. I’ve been a member of POC (Professional Organizers In Canada) since 2006. We meet monthly for education and support. I love hanging with a room full of like-minded organizers.  We share ideas and talk about the industry so that we can best represent our clients.

What is POC all about?


“A professional organizer supports and empowers clients through the creative and ethical application of organizing systems and processes, and the transfer of organizing skills, to develop appropriate and lasting solutions for their individual needs.”

Visit the POC website to find out more.