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Confessions of an Organizer – Growing up organized

December 15, 2009

How many times did I re-organize my closet? Well, lots. I also lined up my Barbies perfectly. While the neighbour kids were playing kick the can, I was inside organizing the cans in the kitchen cupboards. Okay, not everytime, but I LOVED organizing the cupboards. The best part was that I did get an allowance for it. So,when I grew up  I started my own business as a Professional Organizer. I now get an allowance to organize the cupboards of all my wonderful clients. It’s just a bit more than one dollar.

Clean out those cupboards and donate unused, non-expired cans to your local Food Bank.


Confessions of an Organizer – Can I donate shampoo to charity?

December 2, 2009

Many of my clients purchase items 3 or 4 times, not knowing that they already have these items  in the home.

When there are too many shampoos, conditioners, creams and pieces of soap cluttering my clients bathrooms, I suggest giving them to local charities. Many women’s shelters or homeless shelters will take half-full containers.

Next time you go to the bathroom, look around. What can you give to charity?

A Little Reminder From Feng Shui

November 27, 2009

Have a lack in your life?  Try working on your physical space to receive some good quality energy.  If you’re low on love, start on your bedroom by following these tips to create some more flow.

Easy steps to create flow in the bedroom:

  1. De-clutter. Try to eliminate needless items by putting things away or by getting rid of them all together (can link to the other article here).
  2. Invest in a good solid headboard.
  3. Display images of love and beauty. Remember, most birds mate for life!
  4. Installs tables with round corners – these are good for flow.
  5. Paint walls a warm or skin-toned colour to soothe and relax.
  6. Remove work items such as laptops and file folders from the bedroom.
  7. Do not face mirrors toward your bed.
  8. Make your bedroom your oasis and let the flow go.


November 27, 2009


Any clean surface can be painted with chalk paint – chalk allows you to label (and relabel) the item to keep you more organized.

What you need:

•Chalk paint (spray can)
•Rubber Gloves
•Sand paper
•Painters tape
•Chalk eraser

1.Make sure the surface is clean, use a light sand paper over the surface.
2.Tape off any area of the surface you don’t want to get paint on.
3.Use a Spray can of chalk paint in a well ventilated area.
4.Follow instructions on the can.
5.Enjoy the space as art or for information.


Look for Empty Space

October 26, 2009

Wine Bottles in WindowIf you are challenged by storage space, try thinking about the space that’s actually right in front of you.

All open wall spaces
Mount shelves to store books or knick-knacks that are cluttering up essential surface space.

Backs of doors
Hang up shopping bags and aprons on doors in the kitchen.  Find a new home for your kids’ raincoats and rarely-used painting smocks in the bedroom.

Underneath beds
Store seasonal items that do not require frequent access.


  • Keep travel accessories and seasonal shoes in an out-of-the way space.  Attach a temporary label to the suitcase so you know what you’ve stored.

Under shelf baskets

  • Store binders or rarely used books.

Unique storage solution

October 6, 2009
Itouch case

Itouch case

Use your ipod or itouch boxes for storing concert tickets.

Thinking inside the box.

The Artist’s Way

September 7, 2009

paint splatts

I’m currently in a weekly study group with a bunch of great, like-minded individuals. We are studying the book ” The Artist’s Way” by Julie Cameron. It’s a 12 week program to discover or rediscover  your creative self.

I have to say it’s been life changing. Not to give out too much detail, but you have to write three pages every morning. Aside from carpal tunnel syndrome,  it’s been an amazing experience.

Heather Jassy, Life coach/ counselor has been facilitating the process along the way, which has been very helpful. Yah, you can do it yourself -but having a life coach and a woman that has supported people through it in the past – is quite helpful.

She’s offering the 12-week program again in the new year. To sign up email

I’m going to finish my painting now.

Productivity is an Art

September 2, 2009

UnknownDo you fear that you’ll stop being creative if you start being organized? Are you a writer who never finds the time to finish that article? Are you a  musician with no time to practice with the band?

It doesn’t have to be that way.Let’s get the projects done and ideas implemented.  Let’s reFRAMe. reframe is a  productivity system for creative people. This summer myself Jodi Carter, Professional Organizer and Heather Jassy, Life coach/counselor created a program to help creative people get productive.

reframe is a simple productivity system built specifically for creative people, especially people for whom past productivity systems have not worked. Creative people thrive when they have reminders, deadlines, routines, color, and a unique combination of structure and open space.


  • a system for keeping your desk organized
  • a visual to-do system that utilizes writing, color, and cool gadgetry
  • a system for keeping your email inbox clear and organized
  • systems for bringing new energy and focus to your current projects
  • time blocks set aside to generate and cultivate new ideas and feed your imagination
  • a flexible system of time management with alarms and reminders to keep you on track

To purchase or for more information go to

What is a Professional Organizer?

August 12, 2009



Yes, organizers have an Association. I’ve been a member of POC (Professional Organizers In Canada) since 2006. We meet monthly for education and support. I love hanging with a room full of like-minded organizers.  We share ideas and talk about the industry so that we can best represent our clients.

What is POC all about?


“A professional organizer supports and empowers clients through the creative and ethical application of organizing systems and processes, and the transfer of organizing skills, to develop appropriate and lasting solutions for their individual needs.”

Visit the POC website to find out more.

China dishes

July 28, 2009


China Cups

China Cups

China, China Everywhere!
I often find that people have beautiful china collections that they rarely use.  If you have a set of China from a dear aunt or from your grandmother, use it!  Here are some ideas.

Keep one piece on display
It’s a shame to keep those beautiful colours and patterns stored in a drawer.  Select a safe place, like a mantle, and take daily pleasure in your heirloom.

Consider buying a bit of hardware to better support your dish.  A trip to the hardware store or a frame shop will leave you with endless options about how to best display your dish.

Sell at a consignment store.
If you don’t feel like you’ll ever use your china, why not sell it?  Use the money to buy a set of dishes that you normally couldn’t afford.  At least someone will take pleasure in your set, and you will create some ‘breathing space’ in your home.

Use it daily
Most people worry about breaking china so they don’t use their sets very often.  Although this may seem like a good idea in theory, it’s a bit crazy when you break it down.  Why do we own things that we rarely use?  Celebrate your china and get connected with the relatives that gave you the dishes by incorporating your heirlooms into your routine.  I’m sure your relatives will look on fondly from above perhaps wishing they had done the same.