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Closets – How to..

June 1, 2009

Front entrance closets can be quite a challenge. Thinking vertical is a good start.

1. Empty out of the contents. 2. Sort & purge. 3. Contain items (buy what you need) 4. Re-organize contents back into the closet. 5. Keep items off the floor. 6. Make sure you have plenty of light.

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Paper toss – No brainers

June 1, 2009

Sifting through piles of papers can be very time consuming. Starting with the “no brainer” papers are the easiest. Okay, you have to have brains. Here’s a place to get started.

And remember …………..Recycle!

  • Junk Mail
  • Old Investment forms (maybe new ones too 🙂 )
  • Cancelled cheques
  • Old Catalogs
  • Old Magazines
  • Old Schedules
  • Business Cards – once entered into you contact list – or get rid of them if you don’t remember the person.
  • Recipe Clippings – you can always find them on the internet.
  • Expired Coupons
  • Manuals and instruction booklets – you can find any information on the internet. Check to see if you still have the product.
  • Expired Insurance Docs – IF not needed for your taxes.
  • Old maps
  • Extra photos -or the bad ones too. You don’t have to keep them.

Spring has Sprung

April 3, 2009

Springtime is the perfect time to lighten up your home.

Your home is a expression of you. You don’t need to be perfect either does your home. Every home doesn’t need to look like an Ikea showroom.

1. If you’re a morning person organize in the morning – If youre a night owl – do it at night. Monitor when you have most energy and your organizing will benefit.

2. Do you have a memory box? If not, get one. There are many beautiful boxes and baskets on the market. Store greeting cards, pictures, awards and small souvenirs etc. Just make a rule – One in the box- take one out.
Remember – too many kept tangible memories creates mental clutter.

3. Think Veritical – Use back of doors, cupboards or coat closets. Ikea has great hanging organizational products.

4. Choose your furniture to be functional. Example:
An antique trunk can store blankets and extra pillows.A storage bench can offer space for shoes and sporting good items. Along with a place to sit and put on your shoes.