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Closets – How to..

June 1, 2009

Front entrance closets can be quite a challenge. Thinking vertical is a good start.

1. Empty out of the contents. 2. Sort & purge. 3. Contain items (buy what you need) 4. Re-organize contents back into the closet. 5. Keep items off the floor. 6. Make sure you have plenty of light.

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Closet Time

March 26, 2009

Go to your closet right now and separate all your clothes into three piles:
KEEP: Do you love it? Do you use it regularly?
NEEDS WORK: Repairs and alterations. DO IT!
ELIMINATE: Does it still fit? Have you worn it in the last year? If not, give it to charity or take it to a consignment store.
Do this step now. Next week, take another look at the “KEEP” pile and you’ll be amazed what else is ready to go to charity.