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Confessions of an Organizer – Can I donate shampoo to charity?

December 2, 2009

Many of my clients purchase items 3 or 4 times, not knowing that they already have these items  in the home.

When there are too many shampoos, conditioners, creams and pieces of soap cluttering my clients bathrooms, I suggest giving them to local charities. Many women’s shelters or homeless shelters will take half-full containers.

Next time you go to the bathroom, look around. What can you give to charity?


First Aid Kits

April 10, 2009

First Aid Kits are recommended to be in your vehicle and your home. Buying one from the store, pre-packaged is your best cost effective way. Although, some of us already have these items in their cupboards. Here’s a list of “ingredients” for your first aid kit. Containerize them all together for easy access. (Red Cross recommended)

1.Adhesive bandages
2.Sterile gauze pads and cloth tape to secure them.
3.Latex-free disposable gloves
5.A thermometer
6.Triple-antibiotic ointment
7.Antiseptic wipes
8.A face mask (for CPR)
9.Topical antihistamines and aspirin
10.First Aid instructions.

Consider taking a first aid course.