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Productivity is an Art

September 2, 2009

UnknownDo you fear that you’ll stop being creative if you start being organized? Are you a writer who never finds the time to finish that article? Are you a  musician with no time to practice with the band?

It doesn’t have to be that way.Let’s get the projects done and ideas implemented.  Let’s reFRAMe. reframe is a  productivity system for creative people. This summer myself Jodi Carter, Professional Organizer and Heather Jassy, Life coach/counselor created a program to help creative people get productive.

reframe is a simple productivity system built specifically for creative people, especially people for whom past productivity systems have not worked. Creative people thrive when they have reminders, deadlines, routines, color, and a unique combination of structure and open space.


  • a system for keeping your desk organized
  • a visual to-do system that utilizes writing, color, and cool gadgetry
  • a system for keeping your email inbox clear and organized
  • systems for bringing new energy and focus to your current projects
  • time blocks set aside to generate and cultivate new ideas and feed your imagination
  • a flexible system of time management with alarms and reminders to keep you on track

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