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Mix it up!

November 27, 2009


Quick and easy cleaning solution:

Combine 3 parts warm water with 1 part baking soda. With a damp sponge, rub the paste on laminate counters or stainless steel


A Little Reminder From Feng Shui

November 27, 2009

Have a lack in your life?  Try working on your physical space to receive some good quality energy.  If you’re low on love, start on your bedroom by following these tips to create some more flow.

Easy steps to create flow in the bedroom:

  1. De-clutter. Try to eliminate needless items by putting things away or by getting rid of them all together (can link to the other article here).
  2. Invest in a good solid headboard.
  3. Display images of love and beauty. Remember, most birds mate for life!
  4. Installs tables with round corners – these are good for flow.
  5. Paint walls a warm or skin-toned colour to soothe and relax.
  6. Remove work items such as laptops and file folders from the bedroom.
  7. Do not face mirrors toward your bed.
  8. Make your bedroom your oasis and let the flow go.


November 27, 2009


Any clean surface can be painted with chalk paint – chalk allows you to label (and relabel) the item to keep you more organized.

What you need:

•Chalk paint (spray can)
•Rubber Gloves
•Sand paper
•Painters tape
•Chalk eraser

1.Make sure the surface is clean, use a light sand paper over the surface.
2.Tape off any area of the surface you don’t want to get paint on.
3.Use a Spray can of chalk paint in a well ventilated area.
4.Follow instructions on the can.
5.Enjoy the space as art or for information.


Working Late AGAIN?

November 17, 2009

Sometimes the hardest part about work is not completing tasks and meeting deadlines, but the act of getting out the door on time. When was the last time you left work on time? If you always leave when the clock strikes done, there’s no point in reading on, but I’ve found that a lot of people struggle to ‘clock out’ on time.

It may not seem like a big deal to spend an hour or two extra at work every once in a while (or every day), but if you learn to leave on time you’ll gain back that one precious resource that everyone is striving for – TIME, personal, free, time.

So, how do you get yourself some free time?  Well, here are a few suggestions:

1. Goals: At the beginning of each day, ask yourself:  “what do I need to accomplish by the end of today to make myself feel good about leaving on time?” Set a goal and stick to it.

1. Start everything with the end in mind. Basically, know what the finishing line will look like.  Ask yourself, “do I want this project completed? Or, is it OK to break off a chunk and do only that today?” Trust yourself and time- block the project by starting and finishing by your projected markers.

2. Learn to say no. Social committees, projects that are not yours, and cake in the lunch room can take up a lot of time that you could spend in a more meaningful manner with people who are important to you.  Be selective and be firm.

I know that saying “NO” can be difficult in some circumstances, and especially in the workplace, but over committing is hard on YOU.

Here are some good lines to help you say no with grace:

Social committee: ” I’d be happy to assist or comment on events through an email or two, but committing to meetings would be difficult for me because I have to focus on “A and B” projects right now. Thanks.

Projects – “I’m over-committed right now, and if I take on your project I won’t be able to do the project justice.  Thanks for thinking of me, though”

Cake? Sure….where????

Remember, you’ll be a more effective employee, colleague and leader if you show up at work re-charged and enthusiastic.  Down time is important to your health and to your career, so pay attention to your boundaries by saying no!