China dishes


China Cups

China Cups

China, China Everywhere!
I often find that people have beautiful china collections that they rarely use.  If you have a set of China from a dear aunt or from your grandmother, use it!  Here are some ideas.

Keep one piece on display
It’s a shame to keep those beautiful colours and patterns stored in a drawer.  Select a safe place, like a mantle, and take daily pleasure in your heirloom.

Consider buying a bit of hardware to better support your dish.  A trip to the hardware store or a frame shop will leave you with endless options about how to best display your dish.

Sell at a consignment store.
If you don’t feel like you’ll ever use your china, why not sell it?  Use the money to buy a set of dishes that you normally couldn’t afford.  At least someone will take pleasure in your set, and you will create some ‘breathing space’ in your home.

Use it daily
Most people worry about breaking china so they don’t use their sets very often.  Although this may seem like a good idea in theory, it’s a bit crazy when you break it down.  Why do we own things that we rarely use?  Celebrate your china and get connected with the relatives that gave you the dishes by incorporating your heirlooms into your routine.  I’m sure your relatives will look on fondly from above perhaps wishing they had done the same.


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