21 Kitchens 21 Days

Exciting summer promotion starting June 21st!

What: Organize 21 Kitchens in 21 Days – by donation with 50% of profits going to the Food Bank of Greater Vancouver!

Who: The Duchesses of Declutter (launching our new business – the combined power of Clockwork Professional Organizing and Breathing Space Consulting). Call 604.805.4902 or 604.617.5042.

Where: 2 hours in your kitchen with 2 Professional Organizers doing hands on work

Myself, Jodi Carter and Tara McDougall, have come together to create a new venture to help people get organized – The Duchesses of Declutter. The broader business we are creating is an entity to support women – Tangerine Duchess – with off-shoot businesses, such as (but not limited to) “The Duchesses of Declutter,” “The Duchesses of Coaching,” and “ The Duchesses of Money.” We are beginning with our area of strength which is the world of decluttering – website and email addresses will be along shortly.

To create some excitement around our business we are running a summer promotion – 21 Kitchens in 21 Days. We will be organizing a total of 21 kitchens starting June 21st and ending July 11th. Everything is by donation! And we will be giving 50% of our profits to the Food Bank of Greater Vancouver. The Food Bank always needs help during the summer months. We all think about the hungry during the Christmas season, but there are people who need help throughout the year. Our goal is to raise $10,000 to help the hungry – 1 kitchen at a time!

Book your space today for first priority on dates.


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