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Closet Time

March 26, 2009

Go to your closet right now and separate all your clothes into three piles:
KEEP: Do you love it? Do you use it regularly?
NEEDS WORK: Repairs and alterations. DO IT!
ELIMINATE: Does it still fit? Have you worn it in the last year? If not, give it to charity or take it to a consignment store.
Do this step now. Next week, take another look at the “KEEP” pile and you’ll be amazed what else is ready to go to charity.


Closet Organizing Tip

March 16, 2009

A fast and easy tip for organizing your closet: face every hanger the same way. And switch to one standard hanger … preferably plastic or wood.

Spring is around the corner

March 10, 2009

Start this SPRING organizing the Office. Improve your paper flow by building a RAFT system. This simple system will make your office more efficient and productive. Create the following files and file the appropriate papers for each title. The destination decision of each piece of paper should only be 15 seconds.

1. Read – Everyday we receive papers that need to be read – if you don’t have time right away -create a file that you can go through each day or week.

2. Action- Create a file that is easily accessible for the tasks that need to be done in the immediate future.

3. File – Make sure you label each file and review them once a year. Before you file ask yourself – “Do I REALLY need to hang on to this?” (If you are worried about important tax documents, ask your accountant.)

4. Toss – Have your waste,recycling and/or shredder basket close to your sorting section of your office. Open your mail over the shredder for instant recycling.